Scandock now even more affordable.

Introducing the more affordable version of Scandock. Now you can have a choice of
the original Premium Scandock and the new Regular version that uses a metal neck instead.
All functions remain the same.

Scandock now even more affordable.
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Paper jams. Service calls. Messy cartridges. Why are conventional scanners and multifunctional printers still used at every office when people dread operating them? Is it because they are the only option for producing professional-quality output?

Introducing Scandock! The first PC-free scanner of the post-PC era. Scandock allows smartphones to produce top-notch quality output and replace those conventional devices for good. It is the best of both worlds! The convenience and ease of a smartphone and the level of quality expected by professionals.

Fastest, easiest way to hi-quality scans

It crops and fixes everything

Scan multiple documents and have the output perfectly cropped and ready to use in less than a minute.

Scan up to 10 objects in a single shot

Business cards, receipts, whatever.

The awesome multi-doc mode lets you scan as many as 10 objects in a single shot. The app then auto-crops and separates the items into individual documents.


Everyone has a smartphone now. “Bring your own device” (BYOD) to work has become commonplace. Why not use these devices to increase productivity? Scandock is the world's most efficient scanner.

All scans are neatly organized in a library stored on the smartphone. Email, PDF, upload, or Airprint right from the phone.

Safe, secure, support-free and future-proof.

Scandock Technologies

Scandock is the hardware + software solution developed using Atiz expertise and know-how. Our BookDrive mass-digitization machines have helped thousands of libraries around the world scan millions of books to date. It is packed with patent-pending technologies to make scanning easy and deliver the best output possible.

The best lighting + color correction + paper handling abilities

Advanced LED lighting design

Advanced LED lighting design

8 small LEDs are strategically positioned to create the required lighting pattern. An even light distribution across the entire surface means the brightest and darkest spots having no difference by a certain percentage, so your document is even and has no visible bright or dark spots.

The Scandock lights emit the right lux brightness that block out external light interference (such as ceiling lights typically found in office environments).

They are also in proper Kelvin light temperature. Simply said, Scandock will work great in any lighting condition. Your output will look just right, have natural color tone and no glare (even if they are glossy materials).

Image IQ for True Color Processing

Scandock's special color pad called the Image IQ is a specially printed material made in a color lab. Every color in the Image IQ is scientifically measured and recorded in the database. It provides a color profile and other essential information that will be embedded in every scan for processing by the Scandock software.

The Scandock app uses that information to auto-correct the image, turning it precisely the way the document is made and intended. Your printout will look almost indistinguishable from the original.

Image IQ for True Color Processing
Flat Mat

Flat Mat

Our special silicone "flat mat" will hold your document securely in place with no adhesive. This allows for optimal images with no visible bunching of previously-folded or curled documents.

iPhone + case on the Universal Dock

iPhone + case on the Universal Dock

Although Scandock comes included with an iPhone Dock, you can absolutely use the iPhone with the Universal Dock. The iPhone will be nested along the left side of the Universal Dock and will be perfectly positioned for scanning. The Universal Dock is particularly recommended if you plan on using multiple smartphones together.